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Sync ArcMap with Arc GIS online and Collectors App.

01-12-2017 06:08 AM
New Contributor

I am very new to GIS. I'm trying to solve an issue that involves editing information on the ArcMap server 10.2.2. This is where we continually update our information for sewer and stormwater infrastructures. However, we are needing to figure out how to sync these edits to display them on the online version as well as the collector app. 

We seem to have our online version and collector app's just now needing to incorporate our server. 

To my understanding, we would need to be displaying and editing the same map on all three interfaces...? 

Again, I am extremely new to this software...learning as I go! 

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Esri Contributor

Hi Sarah,

A few qualifying questions....

  1. When you say editing information on ArcMap server 10.2.2, do you mean editing enterprise data (SDE) in ArcMap?
  2. Are your ArcGIS Server services accessible externally?
  3. Are your ArcGIS Server services secured?

-Adam Z

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New Contributor

Hello Adam!

As far as I'm aware, it is not SDE? I guess to clarify...what is mostly being edited is lines, points, etc that have been and are being accumulated via GPS.

Our server is not accessible externally, only specific computers/people can access it within our organization

The collectors app and online version however are accessible for all employees. 

I'm not quite sure what you mean by secured but I'm 95% sure the answer would be yes. 

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