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New ArcGIS Collector Aurora on Amazon OS?

08-18-2018 06:58 AM
New Contributor III

I am testing the beta version of the new ArcGIS collector on ios; iphone & ipad and really happy with improvements with new features, look and performance.

My question is when will the new version be coming to Amazon operating system?

I have my own start up company and looking at getting half a dozen tablets for outdoor event management, a similar company uses Amazon fire tablets mainly due to cost, I am thinking similar lines. 

Apple device too expensive at the moment, Android could work with.

Jeff ShanerKylie Donia

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Occasional Contributor III

Last update on an Android beta was a week or two - and that was a week ago. So hopefully pretty soon.

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I am on the ios beta's but want to know if there is any news on Amazon software.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Jonathan,

> My question is when will the new version be coming to Amazon operating system?

There are no immediate plans to support the Amazon OS at this time. Please post your enhancement request on the ArcGIS Ideas site for Collector for ArcGIS so other users can vote for this idea.

FYI, Collector for ArcGIS (Aurora) for Android is currently in beta, you can join the beta by emailing:

Hope this helps,

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New Contributor

Just for the sake of clarity. I think the question is about whether Collector will ever be available on the Amazon App store. Or said another way if the Android version of Collector will be supported on Amazon Fire Tablets. This might not be a lot of work. That's because the Fire tablets run the Amazon Fire OS which is an Amazon modified version of the same Android-based operating system that is supported by the Google Play store. I have not done this, but there is quick test available for testing Android apk compatibility with Fire Tablets here: App Testing Service

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Hi Mark,

How can I get the apk of the auroa android app to test to see if it works with amazon, I don't have any android devices or amazon. 

I have macbook, windows 10 laptop, iphone and ipad.

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