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Drop down lists with collector

07-20-2017 06:12 AM
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Hi All.

I have recently started looking into the advantages of Arc Collector within our organization. The aim is to use collector in the field to survey our assets.

I have set up a Geodatabase with Domains for drop down lists within Arc 10.3 which works on my system in the office,

however when I attempt to edit the data in collector on the ipads the drop down lists don't show but the current data we hold on the asset does.

Is there an extra step in setting the Domains that I'm missing? or could the issue be that the data is being uploaded through a zip file?

Thank you in advance


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I am using domains on a hosted feature service published from ArcMap. I don't have any issues in seeing the dropdown lists for the fields with the domains. How is your service set up? Are you able to see the domains in it? If you have a hosted feature service, this blog post describes how to examine the domains in your service (and update them)

Updating Hosted Feature Services in ArcGIS Online | ArcGIS Blog 

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The data has been uploaded as a hosted feature layer.

I have followed the steps in the attached link, and can't see that the domains have been uploaded with the file.

It must be the way that I'm either uploading or setting the domains, as all my other background information has carried through.

Thank you for the help



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