Removing maps without removing basemaps in 10.3

05-12-2015 12:59 PM
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I recently updated my  iPad Collector app to 10.3 and have discovered that the "manage" option now requires me to delete both the map layers and the basemap when I remove a map.  Is there any other way to keep the basemap while removing the map layers? 

My fieldwork in Alaska covers broad expanses, so I have been using two basemaps for every collection site: one as an overview basemap for all collection sites, and one as a detailed high resolution basemap for individual sites.  With 10.3, I now have to keep dozens of maps on my iPad, whereas with 10.2 I used a single map to download basemaps and then kept each basemap while removing the map layers - a cumbersome process in itself, but the only workaround I have found in light of ESRI's basemap size restrictions.

I am working on obtaining a tile package to sideload, but high resolution imagery for my region is not currently readily available to use in a tile package.

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You should be able to remove offline feature layer only. what is your iOS version? Can you share the screenshot when you try to remove feature layer?

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I came across this older thread because I was trying to figure out how to delete a basemap that I had sideloaded.  It helped since I realized I hadn't found the "Manage" option (under the icon near the search window, that looks like a "file upload" button).

Anyway, it does have the option to delete basemaps (if not being used), or the Map.  When you select "Remove map" it has options to "Remove features and basemap" or "Remove features only".

My guess is you already know that by now, but if anyone else comes across this thread.

On a related note:

re: the imagery.  Are you using the new SDMI/AGC imagery?  Just curious since I'm testing the North Slope and debating on whether to use the standard AK Albers (3338) or the CORS96 flavor (102247) that the data was delivered.  I actually did it with the 102247 but would like to hear what others are doing for their field work.

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Glad you found it, Rebeccca! For others who are also looking for information, you can learn about removing maps and basemaps in the Go offline topic in the Collector help, and in particular, the section Remove downloaded maps and basemaps.

Go offline—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

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Yes, since my original post, the issue was apparently resolved by ESRI as both options are now presented again. 

We had obtained a tile package of GINA's BDL for the North Slope area prior to the switch to GeoNorth and ESRI's imagery update last month.  Although GINA's BDL is not as good in some areas, it is easier for us to sideload that than to deal with multiple basemap downloads.  Additionally, the added resolution of the new ESRI imagery makes downloading sizeable basemaps into Collector nearly impossible. 

As a rule we generally use 3338, so haven't tried 102247 yet - but I will now .  However, I have discovered that using the same coordinate system as the basemap projection usually works best in ArcMap for markedly improved performance purposes.  I would not be surprised if the same is true in Collector.  With the GeoNorth SDMI/AGC imagery, I've found using WGS 1984 Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere (3857) provides the fastest redraw rate in ArcMap.

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