Attempted to Use Invalid JSON - ArcGIS Collector

10-19-2020 12:54 PM
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I wanted to see if anyone else was getting the Attempted to Use Invalid JSON Error in ArcGIS Collector.

Background information: 

- I am able to get this working still in Collector Classic but since it is going away, we wanted to switch over

- I have a ticket open with ESRI Support currently about this issue, and wanted to see if anyone else had this issue


- I have three layers - a point feature class, line feature class, and polygon feature class that I use to collect out in the field. Each of these features have the same fields for data processing so I can append them to the database for QAQC purposes

- Each of these features have subtypes and domains for what treatment we do out in the field. I have tested changing and creating new subtypes and domains, but haven't had success with it

- Removing the subtypes completely, but keeping the domains has had success for displaying at least one layer


- Has anyone else had similar issues with error "Attempted to Use Invalid JSON" in ArcGIS Collector? 

- Has anyone had this issue in use cases where Subtypes are used?

- Does having the same subtypes and domains across different layers cause this issue? 

- If Subtypes and Domains are supported in ArcGIS Collector, is it limited to unique Subtypes and Domains?

               - If so, was this not the case in Collector Classic?


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