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Editing Multiple Feature Classes in Collector That Are Associated By Relationship Classes

03-07-2019 10:50 AM
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Pretty simple question: what are best practices for making a handful of feature classes which participate in relationship classes with one another available for editing offline in Collector.


Up to this point I have been accustomed to publishing one feature service per feature class that I wish to edit. Many of those feature classes have had related tables for storing additional records or photo attachments, but I have never had to deal with this situation where the relationship classes define associations between multiple feature classes.


I've been unable to find any official esri documentation that speaks to this, nor have I found any posts on GeoNet or the broader web. I'd appreciate any recommendations or links.




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As far as I've seen, Collector only allows one feature to be edited at a time.  Would be nice to do a mass edit, but don't see a way with Collector.  You would probably need to look into other apps, or establish some workflow to process through a script?  If I'm missing something here that would allow mass edits, I''d like to have someone weigh in on this.

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Collector (at least for iOS) now does support batch editing on the feature level. It's called 'Edit Multiple'. Came out in the January 2020 update to Collector. Here's the ideas page: 

However, this capability is not supported on the related table level - which is what I am wanting....does anyone know when/if this will be a new feature for Collector?

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I am looking to do the same thing  - did you ever find a solution to this issue?

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