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10-19-2020 12:54 PM
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I wanted to see if anyone else was getting the Attempted to Use Invalid JSON Error in ArcGIS Collector.

Background information: 

- I am able to get this working still in Collector Classic but since it is going away, we wanted to switch over

- I have a ticket open with ESRI Support currently about this issue, and wanted to see if anyone else had this issue


- I have three layers - a point feature class, line feature class, and polygon feature class that I use to collect out in the field. Each of these features have the same fields for data processing so I can append them to the database for QAQC purposes

- Each of these features have subtypes and domains for what treatment we do out in the field. I have tested changing and creating new subtypes and domains, but haven't had success with it

- Removing the subtypes completely, but keeping the domains has had success for displaying at least one layer


- Has anyone else had similar issues with error "Attempted to Use Invalid JSON" in ArcGIS Collector? 

- Has anyone had this issue in use cases where Subtypes are used?

- Does having the same subtypes and domains across different layers cause this issue? 

- If Subtypes and Domains are supported in ArcGIS Collector, is it limited to unique Subtypes and Domains?

               - If so, was this not the case in Collector Classic?


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Hi Trevor,

I have one user who runs into the same issue with the same message "Attempted to use invalid JSON" in the Collector App, on any device he tries. We are still trying to figure this out.

Did you manage to resolve this?



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by Anonymous User
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Hi Trevor,

I believe this is resolved with the latest releases of ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Collector, are you able to confirm if you are still experiencing the issue? Does it occur in ArcGIS Field Maps?



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I noticed this error occured when entering your mail address and password as credentials for a layer that asks for authentication, when the mapservice was authorized for a certain AD group.

When a mapservice was authorized for anyone within a domain account, you could use your mail address and password, but not when it was authorized for a certain AD group.

This was a few weeks ago. I don't know if it's still like that after the update.




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