CityEngine Web Viewer - Update?

07-12-2017 09:28 AM
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Hi guys

First a short feedback about the new CE 2017: It´s amazing. I found a lot of new features and bugs fixeds. Thank you.

My question is about the CityEngine Web Viewer. There any plans to update it? New interface or new features?

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Thank you for the positive feedback on CE 2017.

The CityEngine Web Viewer will be maintained, but there are no new features planned.

Development is focused on export to SLPK for the ArcGIS Online 3D Scene Viewer

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Hi Thomas

One feedback about SLPK and ArcGIS Online 3D Scene Viewer.... The workflow to publish a Scene and create a new 3D Scene View is too slow for me, but ok, I undestand why ESRI is focused on ArcGIS Online 3D Scene Viewer (Let´s do it)

Today I´m trying to create a new 3D Scene View using my data from CityEngine, I´m getting confuse . I followed the steps:

First option : CityEngine to SLK to ArcGIS Portal

  1. Export my Scene(click to see) from CE 2017 to SLPK (Local Scene on settings Window): Sometimes works well, sometimes not. CE goes down and close.
  2. When works: On my ArcGIS Portal>My Content > Add Contents>From my Computer..browse my SLPK and I got the msg "File Format not supported".

Second Option: ArcGIS Pro

  1. Create a new Project and Add my SLPK....too slow to load my project but works. I saw my data there.
  2. Share Panel > WebScene: Projection Errors (My data is using a Local Coordinate System and I don´t know what the correct projection for ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online 3D Scene Viewer .

Third Option: Toolbox on ArcGIS Pro

  1. Toolbox on ArcGIS Pro >Data Management Tools>Share Package Tool
  2. Publish the SLPK file as a Scene Layer: Works fine
  3. Create a New Local Scene and... It works but Without Basemap (The same problem, Different Projection or Coordinate System)

What I´m doing wrong and There´s another way to publish my 3D Projects?

Thank you.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Since I'm mainly concerned with CityEngine let me focus on the first option you mentioned.

  1. Export from CityEngine
    1. You can export your scene as a local scene. Please note, that you have to create your own basemap. The following Blog post shows you how: How to Create Local Scenes in the Scene Viewer | ArcGIS Blog 
    2. If you can somehow reproduce the problem why CE fails to export your scene, please send more information. I can file a bug report on this
  2. Upload / Publish on Portal
    1. In CityEngine 2017 the SLPK output has been adapted to be coherent with the latest versions ArcGIS Online and Portal. Please check if it is needed to update your portal.
    2. Since you can open your SLPK in ArcGIS Pro, I think the file is valid.

In general there is better support for global scenes. Maybe this could also be a solution in your case.

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Hi Thomas, 

I had a question about scene creation workflows. I can create hundreds of web scenes using just the Python API, but it sounds like the same cannot be done with Local Scenes? Is that correct? Is there anyway to template a local scene in CityEngine so that you can go from selected layer to local scene with a URL using the python API? Or would it have to be a mixed workflow? 


David Wasserman, AICP
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I've been using the Cityengine Web viewer to display a 3D Images of underground aquifers, works great!  My issue is I added a basic polygon shape file, just the outline (in ARCScene, Looks great)  for context purposes and then proceeded to update my AGOL story.  When the Cityengine loads it takes the polygon outline and fills it in with an arbitrarily color and it changes the view of the original data.  Essentially it is not portraying the data exactly how I have prepared it in ARCScene.  Please advise, thanks you!

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