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09-16-2019 08:57 AM
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Greetings all,

I'm currently using this ESRI written rule to create possible building development models and am trying ti use use a transparency effect to differentiate between existing buildings and the possible developments.  I'm using "Footprints" as the start rule.  However, the transparency slider has no affect on generated models. Have any of you used this functionality successfully? If so what how were other parameters set that may alter this function?

It certainly seems simple enough function so I'm curious if I've set a parameter that renders the transparency inoperable.



It turns out the original script is missing one line to enable transparency in the Footprint start rule. Add this line as shown in bold below to correct:

# This extrudes the footprint shape (for each unit if multiple units) up to the height of the full mass.
# Incoming parameters idx and n refer to the separate units (rather than floors as seen later in the rule).
Footprint(idx,n) -->
    set (material.opacity, Transparency)
    alignScopeToAxes(y) s('1,0,'1) t(0,Elevation-scope.elevation,0)
    t(0, foundationHeightAdjusted, 0)
    report("Building, Footprint Area (m2)", geometry.area)
    report("Parcel, Coverage (%)", geometry.area/Lot_Area*100)



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