Important changes to Experience Builder apps with Business Analyst Infographic (beta) widget.

02-22-2023 09:00 PM
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The ArcGIS Business Analyst widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder (ExB) is coming out of beta in the February 2023 release of ArcGIS Online. Learn more about what's new.

Since there is a significant redesign and addition of new capabilities in this official release, existing ExB apps created with the Business Analyst Infographic (beta) widget will appear broken after the February release. Here are the quick steps to update your existing apps to the latest version:

1. Go to  Experience Builder and open your existing experience or edit your existing template.

Sample experiencesSample experiences

Sample templatesSample templates

2. When you initially open/edit your app, the Business Analyst widget appears broken, as seen in the image below:

Beta version of the BA widget appear brokenBeta version of the BA widget appear broken

3. Select the Business Analyst widget from the canvas and it will automatically default to the Workflow mode.

Note: Workflow mode is a new functionality that provides the end user with a step-by-step panel for defining a location and running an infographic. The Preset mode was the only available option in the beta release, which allowed embedding an infographic with preconfigured settings.

Workflow modeWorkflow mode

4. If you want to keep the beta version functionality, click on the Preset mode and configure the following settings:

  • Set a location: Use the search functionality to preset a location. This is a new feature and it also supports geography boundary search. The beta version only supported latitude and longitude entry. 
  • Set buffers: Preset the desired buffer type (rings, drive time, or walk time) and values. Then click Apply. 
  • Select an infographic: Select the desired infographic from the available categories. 

Notice your app will be updated as follows:

Updated ExB appUpdated ExB app

5. To publish your app, click Save and then click Publish

Learn more about the new Business Analyst widget in Experience Builder.


If your existing app was configured to work with map feature selection to run infographics, you will need to complete the following additional steps:

1. Open your existing experience or edit your existing template.

2. Select the Map widget from the canvas and click on the Action tab.

Note: This is one of the great new features added for this release for Business Analyst widget. This functionality allows you to configure the Business Analyst widget to work with other widgets that support feature selection action trigger. In addition to Map widget, it works with List, Table, and Search widgets.

Action trigger configurationAction trigger configuration

3. Click Add a trigger Record selection change >select the BA Infographic (beta) > Select feature. The settings will look like this: 

Trigger settingsTrigger settings

Note: You might notice the widget retains the old beta version name. You can simply edit that here by selecting the widget. 

Rename the beta widgetRename the beta widget

4. To publish your app, click Save and then click Publish. You can select point or polygon features from the map and your infographic will automatically update for the selected feature. 

Run preset infographic with map featuresRun preset infographic with map features