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The ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise release is coming! This release introduces enhancements to ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server and ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App, including improved variables search. The Business Analyst widget will also be included in Experience Builder for the first time.

Server-side feature in GeoEnrichment

Semantic Search feature with improved variables search to find the most semantically similar variable descriptions to the search string. This means that when you search for something that is phrased differently than how the variable is named in the data browser, it will return results that are similar in meaning to the search string.

Business Analyst Web App

Business Analyst Web App has new features and capabilities, including:

  • New color-coded maps workflow
  • Updated user interface
  • Improved custom data setup performance
  • Performance improvement using large number of sites in suitability analysis
  • Improved data browser search
  • Added data browser variable ID search

Business Analyst widget in Experience Builder

The BA widget will be included with experience builder for the first time as part of the 11.2 release.


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We’re so happy to share this release of ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise with you!

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Esri Contributor

The ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro November 2023 release is coming! With this release, we’ve added new features for building and editing reports and infographics, accessibility improvements and much more!

Stay tuned for our upcoming What’s New blog next month, where we take a deeper dive into each of the new updates in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro!

Business Analyst Pro Extension

  • You can build and edit infographic and classic report templates in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro using a local dataset. Additionally, custom reports authored in ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop can be edited and run in ArcGIS Pro.
  • The reports generated by the Target Marketing workflow were redesigned to support infographic-style elements such as interactive charts, dynamic text, and filtering.
  • The Target Marketing workflow includes accessibility enhancements. For example, keyboard navigation has been improved for the Four Quadrant Analysis chart, and the workflow has been optimized for users of screen readers.

Territory Design

  • The Assign Territories pane is now the Modify Territories pane. The pane was redesigned to include support for locking and unlocking territories, viewing base feature attributes, and other common territory management capabilities.

Geoprocessing Enhancements

  • Generate Grids and Hexagons—You can output the centroids of each grid or hexagon cell as a point layer.


Additional Resources

We’re so happy to share this release of ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro with you!

#ArcGISBusinessAnalyst #businessanalyst #esri #announcements 

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