ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro: ArcMap Equivalency (September 2020)

09-17-2020 03:59 PM
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Please see the latest ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro features released and upcoming features for ArcMap equivalency. 

Geo-Processing Tools



Near to mid- term



-        Enrich layer (formerly Spatial Overlay)

-        Desire Lines

-        Assign Customers by Distance (formerly Assign by Closest Store Location)


-        Customer Profiling

-        Customer Prospecting by Demographic Data

-        Customer Prospecting by PCA

-        Find Similar

-        Mean Store Center

Customer Setup Most of the functionality in this toolset is covered by Geocoding and Core Mapping functionality



Assign Customers by ID

-       Create a Customer Layer with Address Data (in ArcGIS Pro)

-       Create an Empty Customer Layer (in ArcGIS Pro)

-     Setup Customers using Existing Data, Tabular Data, XY Data (in ArcGIS Pro)


-       Assign by Trade Area




-       Huff Model calibration (formerly called Advanced Huff Model)

-       Huff model Calibration by Real Data

-       Original Huff Model





-       Summary Reports includes Batch Reports, Export Reports (formerly Quick Reports)

-       Map series (in Core Pro. Formerly Core Mapping and include Map Layout Report, Map Series Report)


-       Locator Report

Average Drive Time Report

Benchmark Report

Business Points Reports

Customer Demographic Comparison Report

Customer Geographic Summary Report

Distance Decay Report

Market Ranking Report

Summarize Points Report

Wind Rose Report

Segmentation Analysis



Target Marketing includes:

-       Target Penetration Map (formerly Segmentation Penetration Map)

-       Target Map

-       Market potential and report

-       Target group map in Target Marketing (Formerly Game Plan Map)

-       Market area gap analysis and report






Target Marketing reports:

-       Core and Dev Segments Segmentation Report

-       Customer Demographic Profile Report

-       Market Potential Volume Report

-       Match Level Summary Report

-       MRI Segmentation Report

-       MRI Understanding Market Report

-       Profile Segmentation Report

-       Profile Volume Segmentation Report


Segmentation Profiles



-        Market Area profile (formerly Create Profile by Area Summation)

-        Create Profile by Customer Layer

-        Import Segmentation Profile (formerly Create Profile by Import from Table)

-        Create Target Group

-        Survey Profile



Store Setup Most of the functionality in this toolset is covered by Geocoding and Core Mapping functionality



-        in ArcGIS Pro

o   Create a Store Layer with Address Data

o   Create an Empty Store Layer

o   Setup Store using Existing Data, Tabuler Data, XY Data



Thematic Mapping Most of the functionality in this toolset is covered by Core Mapping capabilities






Trade Areas



-        Create Trade Area from Geography Levels, Online Geography Levels, Sub-geography layer, generate trade area from overlay

-        Customer Derived Areas

-        Threshold Rings (rings, drive times)

-        Static Rings

-        Market Penetration

-        Measure Cannibalization

-        Drive Time Trade Area

-        Generate Customer Derived Trade Areas

-        Remove trade Area Overlap


-       Data Driven Rings

-       Threshold Data Driven Ring

-       Dissolve by Attribute Range

-       Huff's Equal Probability Trade Areas

-       Monitor Trade Area Change


Territory Design



Import Territories from Database

Create Territory Solution includes the following:

-       Create Territories

-       Setup Territory Extent by Current Selection

-       Territory Design Build Network Index

Import Territory Solution

Export Boundaries and Variables (includes Export Data and Territories

Solve Territories includes the following:

-       Balance Territories

Add Level Variables (formerly Add Territory Level)

Set Balance Variables (formerly Setup Level Balancing Variables)

Set Territory Attribute Constraints (formerly Setup Level Capacity Constraints)

Set Territory Distance Parameters (formerly Setup Level Distance Constraints)

Add Territory Barriers (formerly Setup Level Territory Shape Parameters, Setup Solution Barriers, Setup Solution Restricted Areas)

Generate Territory Report (formerly Create Territory Report)

-        Compare Territory Solutions

-        Create Detailed Territory Report

-        External index for territory design

-       Import Variables by Attribute Join

-       Import Variables by Spatial Join



Non-Geoprocessing functions



Near to mid-term


Business Listings

Evaluate Site

Color Coded Maps

Custom Data

Color Coded maps ribbon

Dynamic Ring Analysis

Smart Map Search

Address Coder

Report Authoring


Analysis Extent

Territory Design

-       Resolve Overlapped Territories

-       Information Views (Statistics, Data, Hierarchy, Charts)

-       Unassigned Territories

-       Drag and Drop Territories

-       Reassign View with "What-If" data