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QuickReport Template Large Map

12-10-2020 03:29 PM
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I am starting with the QuickReport template to construct my app. I would like to change the pages/ordering of pages and add an additional map page. The purpose of the app is to have people be able to find point based features on the map (added map page) or record new point based features (refine location page).

Here is what I am envisioning and where I am starting:

Landing Page with an additional button to access the new map page.

Initially, I thought that I should copy and paste the refine location page into a new .qml page, but I want the new map page to be a full screen map. Like the one that is found if you click on the enlarge button on the refine location map. Is this larger map a separate page?

There are going to be a lot more questions as this project gets rolling so thank you for any help that you can or will be providing as I embark on this journey.



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The full-screen map is not a separate page, it is the same RefineLocationPage.qml with the isFullMap flag set to true. If you notice there is a boolean property called "isFullMap" that is being updated on the onClicked even of that fullscreen icon. This flag will change the visibility and width of the elements in the page to show full map. 


So if you want to re-use it, you can re-use it with the isFullMap flag to be true to begin with, then start removing components that you don't need. 


Thank you,


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Awesome, thanks for this. That completely makes sense.

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