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Adding a Button to Quick Report Map

12-11-2020 04:53 PM
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Whenever I try to add a button to the Refine Location page in the Quick Report template, the app will not run and errors out. If I erase the new button everything works fine.

Is there something that I need to change in the tools container to add additional buttons? The only thing that I can think of is that one of the margins or something in the layout is preventing it.


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It's hard to know what the cause without seeing the code. Can you share the code so that we can possibly see what's wrong? Or we can work with Esri Technical Support specialist to troubleshoot the issue. 



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I got the button to add without errors, I am not sure what I did to do this. But now it is not functioning correctly. I will try and address this issue and post if I need further guidance.

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