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Developer License Needed to Make App?

06-29-2021 01:47 PM
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I am trying to "Make" my app to make it available on the Google Play and Apple App Store. When I hit the "Make" button I get a pop-up that says that I need to upgrade my license to an AppStudio Developer Edition.

My organization, which is just me, is a Bronze Partner with ESRI and AppStudio is listed as one of the essential apps under my "Advanced"User Type that I have assigned myself. Again, I am the only employee. 

Last month, when working on the app, I had a phone call with a sales representative and an ESRI Partner customer service representative and they both assured me that I could publish an app to both Google Play and the Apple App Store without a Developer license because the app that I am creating is a non-revenue generating app. This seems to not be the case, unless I am missing something?

If I do have to have an AppStudio Developer license, is it really $1,350/yr? That is more than I pay for the Partner subscription and you get far less with it. I would hate to have to pay so much for a license that I might use once and at the most twice to deploy an app? I guess I could just subscribe for a month, make the app, and deploy it to the aforementioned online app platforms? I guess you only need it to "Make" the app and once it is up on the platforms it does not really need anything else?

If anyone has any insights on this issue please let me know. It seems that the ESRI sales and customer rep teams are not too familiar with this issue.



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Correct, in order to Cloud Make to make the executable for Apple AppStore and Google Play Store, you need AppStudio Developer License. You would also need Apple Developer and Google Developer license to submit your app as well. 


I think this video will help you, 


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