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Hiding the browser header and footer in AppStudio BrowserView

07-01-2021 02:26 AM
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Hi All

One of the requirements for an app we are developing is that we include the ability for a user to access an existing webpage from within the app. This is a fault reporting webpage and may require that the user upload an image from their device.

For this reason we are unable to use the WebView component as, according to the documentation:

- "Note that WebView doesn't support loading content through the Qt Resource system"

We have tested this and it certainly holds true for Android devices, although the iPad we tested on did allow us to load content through the WebView.

Anyway, for consistency sake, our only option is then to use a BrowserView, but the question I have is - is there any way of getting rid or hiding the 'furniture' around the web page that displays. We don't want the users to navigate away from the fault reporting page or from the app itself.

Essentially, we want to hide the blocks highlighted in red at the top and bottom of the page:



Best regards






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Esri Regular Contributor



This is a great suggestion, but I don't think we have special properties for it. 

But I think you can achieve this by adding anchors.topMargin and anchors.bottomMargin to negative value to workaround it. 



BrowserView {
             id: browserView
             anchors.fill: parent
             anchors.topMargin: -40
             anchors.bottomMargin: -40
             foregroundColor: "#f7d4f4"
             url: ""


Thank you,


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