Update webscene with new Scene Layer - 3D Object (hosted)

10-13-2021 02:11 AM
New Contributor II

Hi, I'm trying to update a webscene with a new Scene Layer - 3D Object (hosted). This example explains how to make a subset of the existing "operational layers" and update a new webscene using this subset and the update method on the webscene object.

However, I want to add an existing layer, and for that it seems I need the json representation for this layer in a way that the webscene operational layers can handle. I have tried to use the json from the layeritem properties method. This can not be added directly. Maybe I can take parts of that dictionary and build a new that has the correct properties for the webscene, but it seems rather complex and not very robust. Any pointers on best practice to make this work?

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