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Proxy Error instantiating a GIS() with ArcGIS API for Python using OAuth2

11-29-2022 06:02 AM
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I need to create a GIS through the ArcGIS API for Python using OAuth2 authentication scheme described here  I am successfully routed to my Enterprise Organization login shown here...


I grab the code and paste back into Jupyter and end up with this proxy error.

(Caused by ProxyError('Your proxy appears to only use HTTP and not HTTPS, try changing your proxy URL to be HTTP. See:'

 Some research on the matter indicates I might need to pass in a proxy dictionary such as:


proxy = {

# then pass proxy=proxy into GIS()


My question (for now) is where do I find the proxy urls?  If I need to talk to my Enterprise IT, what exactly should I ask for, so we're talking the same language?  Of course, if you have better overall solutions, please chime in.  Much appreciated.


ArcGIS Pro 3.0.2

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