Project geometries in an spatial dataframe fails with code 498

11-27-2022 02:15 AM
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I need to project geometries in an spatial dataframe and try to do it with this code


import pandas as pd
from arcgis import geometry
from arcgis.features import GeoAccessor, GeoSeriesAccessor

in_csv = r'C:\Path\to\points.csv'
point_df = pd.read_csv(in_csv, sep=';')
point_df = pd.DataFrame.spatial.from_xy(point_df, x_column='Longitude', y_column='Latitude', sr=4326)
point_df['SHAPE'] = geometry.project(geometries=point_df['SHAPE'], in_sr=4326, out_sr=3006)


A check on the geometry column in the SeDF returns


I am logged into our Enterprise portal when running the code, and I am getting:

Exception: Invalid Token
(Error Code: 498)


I am running ArcGIS Pro 3.0.2, our portal is in version 10.9 and arcgis is in version 2.0.1

PS: I am getting the same error when trying to find the transformation needed to do the projection


arcgis.geometry.find_transformation(in_sr=4326, our_sr=3006)



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