Is it a good idea to publish the ArcGIS Python API script?

07-25-2019 11:53 PM
by MVP Regular Contributor
MVP Regular Contributor

I have a script running perfectly in Jupyter Notebook. Now I am thinking of whether or not I should publish it as a web tool so that it can be shared among my colleagues --- I am the only one having a ArcGIS Python API and Jupyter environment.

Seemingly straight-forward, but the reality may be not:

Firstly, I don't know if the ArcGIS Python API modules are available on the portal, which are the dependencies of my tool.

Secondly, I am using federated ArcGIS Server. should I publish to the portal or to the ArcGIS server directly? If I want to publish to the Federated ArcGIS server, do they have the ArcGIS Python API modules?

Thirdly, some of my data involved in the calculation is local spreadsheets, and some are in enterprise database. it's hard to choose between "copy" and "reference", ideally, I want the spreadsheet to be copied across temporarily and deleted after the tool is executed. the data in the enterprise database should be referenced...

I realise that in the latest ArcGIS Enterprise (10.7.x which we don't have at the moment), there's an alternative available: Sharing the notebook so that anyone with portal access can run my notebook. but I don't think my colleagues will be interested in seeing the python code (the code themselves are meaningless to the users anyway), what they need is a function they can use via a simple user interface, not the code.

Any suggestions, advice and comments are welcome.

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From your post it is not very clear what your tools does but...

If it is processing some data and then needs to pass something back to the user have you considered turning it into a geoprocessing service?