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Issue Uploading to ArcGIS Online via Python Script

07-25-2019 03:29 PM
New Contributor II

I recently updated to ArcGIS Pro v2.4.0 with package arcgis v1.6.2. At the moment this script used to work, but currently does not. 

I get this error...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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New Contributor II

I think I found a work around. There appears to be a bug in the arcgis python module in the gis\ file in the _add_by_part method.

it seems that in line 3128, the script attempts to delete the split.part file before the thread completes. 

I added a try block and it appears to run properly and appears to remove all split.part files in the temp directory. I acknowledge this isn't a clean solution, but allows the script to execute.

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