Extracting Shapefile or geojson from ArcGIS web map

01-11-2022 01:50 AM
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Need help! I am trying to get zoning by-law information as geojson or shapefile from this ArcGIS web map site. Usually, the esri2geojson method would work fine 90% of the time even when there's a token involved. However, this web map seems to generate the token internally, thus no token could be found in the dev tools. I tried to generate my own token in order to access the rest service too, but it didn't work either. I was wondering if anyone would have any insights to any other methods where I can extract the information? Much thanks and appreciation in advance!

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I took at look at one of the REST endpoints behind one of the layers ('Registered Two Unit Dwellings') and it did not have the EXTRACT capability enabled. I suspect this is why it is not working for your. 



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I was curious to take a look, and just noticed that the splash screen states: "Data for the Brampton Planning Viewer can be downloaded from Brampton's Open Data portal, the GeoHub.", linking to https://geohub.brampton.ca/search?collection=Dataset.

Not sure of the exact dataset that you're after, but shouldn't give you any token difficulties - looks like the datasets are offered in various formats including geojson.

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