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Minimum dependencies for arcgis 1.9.1

01-17-2022 01:02 PM
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Hi ArcGIS API for Python team,

I have a job that installs the Python API after specifying minimum dependencies, as described here:

I am attempting to update to the latest version of the arcgis library. However, I am getting an error about a missing module "cachetools": "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cachetools'"

Presumably this is because a new dependency was added that now needs to be specified in my requirements file. Prior to my latest changes, I was installing these dependencies and was able to then install arcgis and run it separately:


I can try installing the missing library of course, but it would be nice if these changes were announced or tracked somewhere. Could you provide an updated version of the requirements? Or provide this in the public-facing documentation? That would be helpful to us. I was confused when composing this list initially, because some of the libraries listed in the docs were spelled differently ("_" instead of "-", or vice versa).

I look forward to your response.



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If you don't want to file issues with Tech Support, you really should on their github site

Esri/arcgis-python-api: Documentation and samples for ArcGIS API for Python (

You can see other "Issues" that have been reported and/or solved, which will give you a heads-up about the status and potential problems with the api.  File an Issue there for more targeted help or enhancements you would like to see.

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Hi Dan, thanks for the response! I was not sure the best place to ask about this, though I did see the GitHub repository for the docs. I will move this there. Thanks again!

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