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ArcGIS Python Renderer Issue

08-05-2019 10:44 AM
New Contributor

I'm having an issue in jupyter notebook where the GIS map returns a renderer error whenever I try to use an autocast renderer with a layer that I create with the import_data() method. If I use a layer I download from GIS online the autocast works fine but any layer I create with import_data() gives me the same error. The layers created with import_data() works with normal simple, uniquevalue, and heatmap renderers. 


gis = GIS()

df = pds.read_csv('MOCK_DATA.csv')
c_data = gis.content.import_data(df, address_fields={"Street":"ADDRESS","City":"CITY","State":"STATE","ZIP":"ZIP"})
map2_renderer = {"renderer": "autocast",
"type": "simple",

map2 ="USA", 4)
map2.add_layer(customer_data, {'type': 'FeatureLayer', 'title':'Customer Data', 'visibility': True ,
"renderer": map2_renderer})


"Could not update layer. Renderer of type '[object Object]' is not supported"

Can someone give me some guidance? Thanks


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