Table view for repeats

Idea created by jeff.vanetten_WYG on Oct 2, 2019

    Would be great to enable a table view of completed repeats on the form, similar to attribute table view in Pro or ArcMap.  Ideally this would show some of the key values that were submitted (user definable).  Idea is mainly wrapped around the concept of submitting mulitple assets within an area, where your assets would be nested inside a repeat.  The user could see all the all the values for the repeats and determine whether one exists or a new needs to be added.  If the option to also show a picture of the asset in this existed that would be amazing! 


    Taking this one step further, then also having conditional formatting based on whether all the fields were completed or not (again customisable).  E.g. RAG rating as Red for incomplete, Amber for started but not completed, Green for completed.


    This table view could be prepopulated from the choices tab with the values that need to be collected. 


    An option to add additional values inside the repeat via an "Other" answer that would automatically sync back up would be ideal.