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I have a problem with feature collections data type. In my opinion, situational awareness tool doesn't accept local data. When i added shapefile data on ArcGIS Online, it added as a featurecollection and i can not make an analysis...In the portal it says "  Feature collections (such as CSV files, shapefiles, and map notes that can be added as… (Show more)
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Hello,  Using ArcDesktop, not Runtime or Pro:  I'm written a little java program that reads through some shapefiles, grabs some data, runs certain calculations, and outputs an Excel Workbook with those calculations. I'd intended it to be an ArcCatalog add-in, but the apache jars for the Excel Workbook seem to be causing a problem.  Alright, so… (Show more)
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It would be great if infographics could incorporate some elements of the "time slider" widget, where the data shown on the infographic would appear progressively with the time. What would be even greater would be to have the infographic work simultaneously with the time slider widget, so that the elements appearing on the map would coincide with…
Hello Everyone,   I am writing from an Esri Partner, Sparkgeo.  We currently assist Esri users with an application Maptiks which tracks map usage.  We are facing a compatibility issue that we need to resolve.   Problem:  Our application functions by inserting a code snippet or Widget into the code of a map.  In AGOL we currently have created… (Show more)
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     We are using rest services (NA Services)  to Solve Route  , As we know there is no built in functionality to find Alternate Route , we achieve this by using a logic i.e the initial route we get after solving route we pass that same with added cost as line cost restriction so we get alternate route      But due to some reason we have moved to… (Show more)
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Unit tests for ArcMap based SOEs can be done by initializing the Unit Test Framework with AOInitialize(). How can I perform Unit Tests for Pro based SOEs?
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Basically the alter tool do not allow to alter the field properties if the field contains any record, while I'm trying to alter the field which is contains records.
I've been tasked with creating a custom web app hosted in ArcGIS Online that has the ability to export out data driven pages through a printing service (we also have ArcGIS Server). Within the printing widget, I noticed you can point to a printing service. What we want to be able to do is have any user query features, go through the printing… (Show more)
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Will the Operation Dashboard be extendable by CustomWidgets in any upcoming Enterprise release as it was with the Windows Standalone version?
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