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Hi everyone,   I have a free developers account as I only want to publish a simple app for now. I'd like to use the Directions widget, but every time I click it it goes to a log-in page. I cannot figure out how to make this widget available to public users. I don't know much about tokens and APIs?    Is there a step by step guide somewhere on… (Show more)
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let view = new SceneView(             {                 map: map,                 container: "viewDiv",                 camera: {                     position: [94.01624, 16.98209, 25000000],                     spatialReference: { wkid: "WGS84" },                     heading: 70,                     tilt: 60                 },                … (Show more)
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I received a request to provide all videos and other files available for an area of interest on the map.   Using ArcGIS Pro, I digitized a polygon to enclose the desired area. Used this polygon to select all pipe line features that intersect this area. Export the selected pipes to an excel. Copy only the user-defined unique id field onto a local… (Show more)
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Hello all, I am trying to create an onclick action for a "View in ArcGiS" button within our companies internal job tracking system that will query an existing hosted webmap with the text that is selected with the internal app.  I can get the web app to open but just am unable to insert in the query automatically and have the map search...   any… (Show more)
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From times to times our technicians that are editing the data in a geodatabase enterprise are deleting unwillingly some features because they did not noticed they were selected when they press delete.   I wonder if there is a way to add a warning popup when the save edits button is clicked that will list the number of features that were edited or… (Show more)
I am getting the following error with connecting to ArcGIS Server 10.4 using the arcgis python api 1.6.2 with python 3.6.6: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'resp' referenced before assignment Is there a fix for this issue?
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I am a Unity3D developer (C# scripting) and I've been requested by an ARC Gis user if I could build a Unity App that pretty much displays ARC Gis on his iPhone.   Does Esri have any assets available for me to do that?   I do know about importing shapes from City Explorer. However that is just a static 3D object. He wants to be able to do his ARC… (Show more)
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Hello-  Looking for some expertise on the Javascript API.  As of now my application uses the address search widget to find a location, if the location intersects the feature layer (polygons) a pop-up will appear with information.  I would also like that feature to be highlighted and zoom to extent. I feel like this should be obvious, I have been… (Show more)
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