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My Python script is supposed to perform batch lookups. It works ok for about 1,000 addresses, then runs into error  000010. Here is the skeleton of the script: # 2 - SAVE TEXT FILE WITH ADDRESS INFORMATION TO GDB. arcpy.TableToTable_conversion( ...)   # 3 - GEOCODE ADDRESS FILE THAT WAS SAVED IN GDB. arcpy.GeocodeAddresses_geocoding( ...)  … (Show more)
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We have noticed that on some devices such as touch screen laptops and some tablets (not all) the two finger zooming in function does not work on the default ESRI Map Viewer Templates. Is this a known problem for some devices or a bug which needs to be resolved?
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I will like to tell a story in 3D visualisation using storymaps webapp Are there any possibilities to make a 3d visualisation map  either by customisation or other ways in storymap app? If that is possible how and please which API. It is strictly animated and interactive 3D visualisation.
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I've been asked to develop a very simple prototype application - either for desktop or web - but the data input MUST be done through slider tools. Esri's slider tools are data filter tools... not data input tools... and there's some question as to whether it's possible to make them in Esri's developer environment. From an Esri contact...   This… (Show more)
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Another Esri GeoDev Meetups is happening on Thursday, September 20th, and we would love to have you join us. The event is completely free, and Esri will be providing food and beverages, so please come!   This event is a social gathering for developers to discuss the latest in mapping, geo technology, geo services, web and mobile mapping apps, app…
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Last week Rohit Singh and Alberto Nieto hosted a GeoDev Webinar on "Integrating Deep Learning with ArcGIS Using Python". We had a lot of great questions come out of the webinar and will be updating this post to add the Q&A that were not addressed during the webinar.    Many viewers requested to have access to the PowerPoint presentation, and the… (Show more)
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Hello Everyone,   I created a public web map application using hosted feature services in the dashboard theme template of web app builder which has been live for many months now. I have not changed the formatting or the template in all of this time, however this morning I opened it and for some reason the search bar has moved from the top right… (Show more)
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I like to merge several polygon records into one with boundary preserved, but not dissolved using sql statements on sql server 2016. So I consider to use multipolygon.   Fro the link, Under the section "Register an existing spatial… (Show more)
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There are multiple ways how you might use OpenStreetMap. The most commonly used might be the OSM dataset as a basemap. Some others might already used the ArcGIS Editor for OSM. But I haven't found a soultion to query OSM directly from within ArcGIS. The question to answer was: "Where are bakeries in Northumberland?" The Overpass API offers a… (Show more)
Is there an appropriate place to post a job description in the forums?  I believe finding the right candidate may be within the ESRI Developer forums but i do not want to violate any rules.  Please advise.
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