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A model provokes the message "Item not found in this collection." while running the Make Feature Layer tool. What does this message mean? What might be wrong?
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Hi currently i'm developing ArcPad programming to split a polygon and polyline.    When I'm using Recordset.AddNew, the AXF_STATUS is 256 instead of 1. How can i get AXF_STATUS =1.   When I'm using Map.AddFeature the polygon cant created.    Please advise me.   Thanks.
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I am using Angular 7 in my Project. We have our own Enterprise Portal for ArcGIS.  Requirement: We created our Web Map with Layers. It is published on our Enterprise Portal for ArcGIS. We create and include new widgets every 15 days to display on the Web Map.  We are using Web App Builder to create Layers and Custom Widgets to display on… (Show more)
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AzureIOTHUB_in Connector: Azure-IOT-HUB-in Status: Error - Create Event Hub Receiver Error: Encountered error while fetching the list of EventHub PartitionIds: Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL:… (Show more)
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Hi, Just not sure if I choose the correct place to post this question. As I have my layers in ArcSDE, and using them as part of an AGOL Webmap, as I try then to have it visualized from other AGOL users, they must always (at least one time) to install "manually" the server certification within their Web Browser. So, is there a way to have this… (Show more)
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On ArcGIS online I am trying to plot up to 10000 points over several days with intervals of @ 5 minutes.This data can change based on user preferences and hundreds of sets of this data can be generated every day.   I was initially trying to do this by parsing the data into KML and passing to Arcgis online using the Javascript API but I quickly… (Show more)
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Dear Members,   I’m looking for a way to apply focal/block statistics in combination with (polyline)barriers. I have a bottom raster of a geological unit that is tectonically segmented (see attachment). I want to select the highest raster values but the algorithm should not be allowed to look ‘beyond the fault line of each block’’, i.e. it… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI'm only beginning to understand this. If I create a web app through the developer version of WebApp Builder and download it I can get it to display through my internal server set up through IIS Manager. If I deploy the same app on our production server for our website it will not load.          The little I know is that it might be because… (Show more)
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The dataset of our app is hosted in ArcGIS Online and we need to create a replica for offline use. After experiments, we found that the replica, after being created in the the service URL, is actually stored in Microsoft's Azure Blob Storage, and downloading the replica would take a long time - the download speed is rather slow for Apac users. Is… (Show more)
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