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Click to view contentQuite often, people wonder how to use the ArcGIS API for Python to update layer symbology. After a quick search through posts and documentation, one may discover that there are a number of ways to accomplish this and find oneself uncertain of how to proceed. If you land on this page my hope is that everything will start to make a bit more sense.… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for Python
Hi everyone, I am new to Python and my question may be very basic   I would like to convert my python code to a script tool in ArcGIS. The code used is written below and it worked fine and got the output raster named Stak123. But when i make this code into a script tool, i want the output name to be decided by the user who runs the tool. To… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for Python
I have searched the GeoNet forums and StackOverFlow and others on my topic. Although the same question can be found on here and elsewhere I have yet to find a definitive solution that will resolve the problem. I am using VS Code to develop with ArcGIS Python API, such as arcpy and arcgis. I have VS Code setup to use the default ArcGIS Python 3… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for Python
My company has a training site for the Esri training that is ArcGIS Online based, but isn't attached to our Organization account. One of our developers generated a list of users for me from the site using Python and I have taken that list and compared it to our HR Database to find users who have left the company (over 1000 of them). I have… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for Python
I have a layer of polygons and would like to be able to plot the extent boundary rectangle on a map. I have my polygons in a Spatially Enabled DataFrame (polygonSDF = poygonFeatureSet.sdf) that I can successfully plot using spatial.plot(). I've so far tried two different potential approaches to this problem and in both cases have run into errors I… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for Python
I am trying to figure out a way to check if items in the Portal are being used. I want to be able to flag items for removal if they are not being used. There is the usage method in the GIS module that does what I want, however it is for ArcGIS Online only.  "For item owners and administrators, usage provides usage details about an item that help… (Show more)
Hi All,   I've been accessing our ArcGIS Online site via token in ArcGIS Python API without any issues for the past couple of months.   I seem to be having issues authenticating via an access token now.  from arcgis.gis import GISgis = GIS(url=portal, token=accessToken) In the API references , I also realised that it mentions the below:   token… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for Python
There are 2 databases A and B; Each one has two tables: Table1 and Table2, both were created with the same script, defining for both: fields, versioning and archiving. It is required to delete some rows in both tables and, of course in both databases. A script was prepared: def remove_items(from_table, ids):     log.add("Start to clean orphan… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for Python
I have browsed the web searching for way to install the FileGDB API in order to be able to use the driver to read gdb files from python. I have downloaded the file and within I found the FileGDBAPI.dll which I've placed on C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs\gis2\Lib\site-packages\osgeo. When I do this test below, the driver… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for Python
I have a service published in ArcGis Online that consists of a layer and two related tables. I have to access one of the tables to write a url and I'm using Pandas to do it. Until now it worked correctly, but now I get the following error. item = gis.content.get("xxxxxxxxxxx") foto = (item.tables)[1] field_service_dataframe =… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for Python
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