• Web Appbuilder end of Life August 2022?

    Am I reading this correctly?   Esri Support Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS 2.16    General Availability Phase starts when the product is released and follows the same life cycle as the ArcGIS API for ...
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  • WAB Print Widget - Can I force it to not include ScaleBar?

    Granted, we're always taught not to be print maps without scale bars, north arrow... I know, I know. But I have an app in WAB that does not include a scale bar. It's more of a schematic than a true map. So w...
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  • Cannot pass value to popup through Arcade

    Hey everyone,   I am trying to create an attribute expression to auto-populate a field in collector based on another features location to the point placed. I have a dataset of OH Electric Circuits and a feature ...
  • web app builder not working in local host

    When i start running using local iis, i am getting this error. HTTP Error 500.24 - Internal Server ErrorAn ASP.NET setting has been detected that does not apply in Integrated managed pipeline mode
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  • Error in fetching asset title fields. Error: token required

    I am working on developing the Adopt-A-Catch Basin OOTB solution from ESRI. I got the web map set up, configured the AuthGP service, and am now in WAB developer. I am able to sign up in app with a valid email (creates...
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  • Search feature within a web app?

    I'm just looking to see if there is any way to create a search feature similar to the one portrayed below. I'm aware of the search widget within the web app builder but I don't think it really incorporates what I'm tr...
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  • How to add a new tab to an existing web app?

    I am trying to add a new tab, to a tab theme web app, but am having trouble finding away to add the next tab.
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  • How to use a different map for app when displayed on mobile?

    Hi All,   Is it possible (of course it is!) to display a different web map in my web app when the user is on a mobile device? I believe I could redirect the user to an entirely different web app when they hit th...
    created by janiceb
  • How To Resize Logo in Launchpad Theme

    I have been trying to resize my logo in an Web AppBuilder app which I have downloaded to my own web site. I created the app through web appbuilder on ArcGIS Online and selected the Launchpad Theme. I have been followi...
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  • Clear selection in Attachment Viewer

    Is there a way to add a tool to the Attachment Viewer app that will allow you to clear an asset selection? Currently, if you use the 'draw a box to select the locations you want to see in this gallery' tool, your...
    created by thomasyork
  • Web AppBuilder Smart Editor select feature to copy didn't work

    Hi, i create a  app with Web AppBuilder.  When i try to add fateture to layer with "Smart Editor\Select features to copy\Create Features"  option but tool be idle and throw error "Uncaught TypeError: C...
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  • How to get ArcGIS Online WAB attribute table widget to export more than 2000 records?

    Struggling to get ArcGIS Online WAB attribute table widget "export all to CSV" feature to export more than 2000 records.  I noticed my hosted feature layer has a max record count of 2000,so I have changed that to...
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  • Web AppBuilder - Cannot search by GLOBALID

    Web App Builder, why include the GLOBALID field in the 'Set Search Fields' configuration for the Search Widget when you cannot search by GLOBALID?   I spent several hours trying to get the search by GLOBALID and...
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  • Replace WebAppBuilder with ArcGIS Experience Builder

    The new ArcGIS Experience Builder (ArcGIS Experience Builder | Build & Deploy Web Apps , introduced in Dev Summit 2019) is another web app developing tool for users. It features the function to create once an...
  • Web AppBuilder Removing commas from Smart Editor

    Hello,   I have a Web AppBuilder application that displays commas in numeric fields that have been configured to not display commas for values larger than 1000. We have also configured any date fields to be disp...
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  • Smart Editor Widget - Choosing Feature to Intersect?

    How does the Smart Editor determine which intersecting feature gets pulled into the attributes of a new feature.    I am testing the Smart Editor Widget in WAB Developer 2.13.  I have a feature service...
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  • Cost Analysis widget configuration page error

    Hi all I'm getting this error message on adding the widget. Any ideas? webappbuilder widget cost analysis widget costanalysis
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  • Edit Related Table Directly in Web App Builder ??

    Hello all !!    My Organization has a Web App Editor set up for our Police department to edit Traffic data.  The data-set has a related table attached to it.  I am wondering if it is possible to c...
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  • Print  is not working in WebAppBuilder

    1. It says "No Access-Control-Allow-Orgin" , my mapservice is not secured . I am using the web adaptor URL for print task .    2. ArcGIS Server and application both are running same machine.    3...
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  • Smart Edit widget error with added data layers

    arcgis online web app smart edit  webappbuilder I have been trying to implement the smart editor widget on a web app and am struggling with copying geometry from other layers.  I have been able to...
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