• WAB create/print report with attributes and attachments from multiple features?

    Hello all,   I have been working on a solution to this problem for several weeks on my own and through research. I have made some cool discoveries along the way, but I am still not where I need to be.  ...
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  • Collapse layers group when starting the app

    I managed to have a grouped layers list, however, the problem I have is that when I use the "openAll" option (not the drop-down option), and because I have so many groups, when I start the app it shows all the gr...
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  • WAB: attribute table not loading

    Hello everyone,   Recently, I have been having issues in my WAB-based web application when trying to view the attribute table of any layer in it, no matter whether that data is pulled from AGOL or from a local s...
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  • WAB 2.8 App With HTTPS

    Hello All! I configured a small application with Web AppBuilder 2.8 in my localserver (http://localhost:3344/webappbuilder) and then I  deployed it in our web server.  When I access this app...
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  • Login Pop-up Sign twice

    I registered an application with ArcGis Online. This application is registered on my localhost. I followed this post correctly: https://community.esri.com/thread/238285-enterprise-login-with-web-appbuilder-developer ...
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  • Webapp builder 2.13 version

    Hi, Any one can tell why Webapp builder throws some times error called " app cannot be created" but when we refresh app is available what would be the reason and many times Webapp builder is very slow responding what...
    created by raoudaya24
  • summarize by polygon in ArcGIS Online webapp

    I would like to add a widget to my Web App Builder based AGOL app, which can return a summary of points within a polygon from another layer.  Can this be done?   I dont want anything that has prebuilt summa...
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  • Print widget on web app builder

    Has anyone had an issue with the print widget? It won’t display legend after using a query widget, or Layer list widget. It only displays legend from Web Map. So how can I get the legend to print with layers tha...
    created by tuannguyen_rti
  • Grouping layers in the Situational Awareness widget?

    I'm curious if there is a way to consolidate the layer tabs that are added in the Situational Awareness widget, possibly similar to stack grouping in a dashboard?   
    created by ESTaggard
  • The Filter on my WebApp is not accesible by other users

    I recently created a Web App using the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS for my inspectors to use to track locations of their projects. When they attempted to use the filters I provided for them (Filter shows Assigned to, Sup...
  • Export SHP or KML Feature Action from Web AppBuilder Query

    Has anyone added an export option to the Query widget using a Feature Action, in the menu where CSV and GeoJSON options are?  Would this be easier to do in Robert Scheitlin, GISP's Enhanced Seach?
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  • Looking for teams to bring in real-time flooding info into WAZE.

    Urban Mobility Resilience ChallengeWe're offering teams up to $500,000 to create a next generation traffic app that offers drivers real-time flooding and re-routing information.     Join us for an online dis...
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  • Print widget not printing basemaps

    I am trying to print a map from the print widget it prints the layers on the map . But it doesn’t print the basemaps. Is anyone having these issue or anyone have solution for this . Should I configure anything e...
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  • Stacked Labels in a web map app

    I enjoyed your post titled "New Labels in ArcGIS Online's Map Viewer Beta" and am particularly interested in the stacked labels bit. My labels are now wrapping in my web map but not when the web map is viewed wit...
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  • Is it possible to make the Map Title optional?

    Hi folks, I am using Web App Builder within our Portal.  I have added the Print widget to my Web App and would like to make the Map Title optional.  Has anyone successfully done this?  I noticed the dij...
    created by GISJim121
  • Resolved: Error with print widget/service in Web AppBuilder

    Hi,   I built a simple Web AppBuilder application in ArcGIS Online (with all data coming from hosted feature services), but I'm getting strange behavior from Esri's default print service. When trying t...
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  • Tile Layer is crashing the Attribute Table widget in Web AppBuilder App

    We recently got a serious issue, when a web map with several layers is loaded in a WebMap application deployed using Web App Builder for ArcGIS.    The web map has several layers, base map, features layers,...
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  • WAB 3D, Local Scenes and subsurface data

    I don't know what happened but a month ago i made a local scene in ArcGIS pro and Publish it in ArcGIS Online (a simple one 3 layers and 1 multipatch) with subsurface data (underground project). When i started Scene ...
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  • OAuth 2.0 Login Not Working with WAB App in Internet Explorer 11.

    I built a couple applications using the Web App Builder Developer Edition.  I deployed each application to our server and registered each with our Portal.  I'm able to successfully login to both applications...
  • Web App Builder Widget Placement Glitch

    I'm using the Foldable Theme in AGOL WebApp Builder and the widget arrangement under the search bar has gotten glitchy. The location of the widget in the control panel doesn't align with how they appear on the app. It...