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Hi all: I am getting the following error when attempting to publish a widget to WAB in our Enterprise Portal. The file is definitely there so I am hoping this is a simple issue, but am utterly stuck. This was replicated using the stock geoprocessing widget as well by publishing that to the same server. GET… (Show more)
in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
My widget buttons 1 and 2 are overlapping each other in WAB (Image below). How do I fix this in the code?   Thanks  
in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
I have been trying to resize my logo in an Web AppBuilder app which I have downloaded to my own web site. I created the app through web appbuilder on ArcGIS Online and selected the Launchpad Theme. I have been following the previous posts and believe I have made the correct changes as suggested by Robert. However, I am unable to change the size of… (Show more)
in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
Good morning. I am implementing a proxy to my application so that the user does not have to enter login/password every time he wants to enter the application. I have the application downloaded and implemented on my local server. I have checked that the webmap is shared with the Organization as well as the layers it has published. I am using… (Show more)
in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
Hi Team,   We have a requirement to export some tabular data into Excel format in our WebApp developed using ESRI Web AppBuilder. Do we have any widget for that? or any API in ArcGIS Server JS API?   What would be the best way to implement this.   Any suggestions would be very helpful to me.   Thanks & Regards, Vara Prasad
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I've made a Time Aware web app that does not update as it plays.  It works fine when I play the time slider in the regular web map, but when I try to play it in the webapp nothing shows up unless I move the map.  After moving it will update once, but I have to keep moving it in order to see what else is happening.
in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
Click to view contentAttempting to start ArcGISWebAppBuilder as a windows service. I keep receiving the following error, and cant seem to find documentation on how to proceed. Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing this? Thanks everyone!
in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
I used the Information Lookup app template to create a simple zone search by address.  The application works perfectly on desktop, but it is unable to load on some Android devices and all iOS devices.  The app causes the webpage to continually crash and reload.  It works fine on my Galaxy S9, but not on my coworker's Pixel 2 (both up-to-date on… (Show more)
in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
Hello,   I added a WMS on ArcGIS Online in the webmap I am using for a WebApp. The WMS is the following :   When I try to use the web map in the WebApp via WebApp builder, it returns an error saying that it couldn't upload the wms.   Do you have any idea from where this error comes… (Show more)
in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
Hello All,   I'm trying to share some of the responsibilities of developing a web app with other people in my organization. I shared an app (as a zipped folder) with an analyst who customized a splash screen.   I'd like to update my local version of the app with their customized splash screen. Since I've made a few changes to the app in the… (Show more)
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