Are you ready to align with an Esri certification?

Blog Post created by JRosales-esristaff Employee on Apr 26, 2018

Is your goal to ensure that learners travel a seamless path from your geospatial program to certification attainment? Successful programs begin achieving this goal by identifying someone in the organization—a champion— who can lead with determination, enthusiasm, and influence. Program champions then build a support team of people who can listen to issues, create solutions, and provide support to faculty and students as they set and reach their lifelong

learning goals. Additionally, champions will need to create certification attainment goals for their institution, participate within our GIS community, and increase workforce placement.


Create Certification Goals

 Establishing a seamless path from program enrollment and technical skill attainment to workforce placement requires champions to establish certification goals to measure success and determine the appropriate testing environment. Champions can follow a 4-step process to align curriculum to an Esri certification exam requirements.

  1. Build a knowledgeable team to integrate certification attainment into your curriculum.
  2. Define your certification goals to align your program with ArcGIS exam content.
  3. Measure your success, verify your program can reliably benchmark student skills.
  4. Pilot programmatic changes to test the alignment processes and verify that your institution has created a seamless path to certification attainment. 

Visit our story map and learn how to develop your geospatial program to reliably benchmark student skills.

Participate in Esri Events 

Esri supports lifelong learner from all industries on a global-scale through Esri Events.  As you align your curriculum to an Esri certification, we encourage you to share your successes at our events.  In this venue, other higher education programs can see how to navigate some of the questions or hurdles they are encountering and benefit directly from your experiences.  The Esri Education Summit, hosted as part of the annual Esri User Conference, provides plenary sessions, user presentations, hands-on workshops, and more to support all aspects of education.  Additionally, GIS Day is a great opportunity for schools to demonstrate real-world GIS applications that are already making an impact in our society.  Another resource is Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS Institute, which is a professional development event for educators to engage more deeply in with GIS as part of their teaching plans.

Follow this blog and we'll update you soon with information on how to engage with us at these events.

We encourage you to participate in these events to engage with your community. 


Increase Workforce Placement

To remove the gap between education attainment and workforce placement, higher education institutions can bundle the ArcGIS Desktop Entry certification as a component of their geospatial program to validate technical skills gained in the classroom. Coupling an industry-recognized technical certification with a higher education geospatial certificate

or degree encourages a smooth transition to the workforce. Many lifelong learners view technical certification attainment as a natural progression or next-step after earning their education diploma.


With our Directory of Esri-Certified Individuals and digital badging system, it is easy to verify an individual's certification status. Hiring managers can quickly and easily verify a certification on our website: www.esri.com/VerifyMyCertificaton. Additionally, certified individuals can share their digital badges on their social media sites, resumes, business cards, and email signatures to promote their achievements. 


Next Steps

Join us as we engage the next generation of industry professionals on their journey from your certification attainment program to workforce placement. Whether you have already identified a champion, created a team, and set your goals -- or if you need some addition support, engage with us on GeoNet, we're here to support you as you align your program with an Esri Technical Certification.