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05-01-2023 06:41 AM
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Welcome to our Esri Community place!

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to our Certification Blog Board as your key and to get you familiar with how we organize our content. We recommend that you subscribe to our boards and labels to receive notifications and click this link to Ask Questions.

Our Content is Organized by Boards

We have six topic-boards, each board has a key 'community' resource article and unique labels. Use this Search for This Place to locate content by key words. For example, type ‘community’ into the search bar to locate the board’s key resource. All of our content is outlined below by topic to align with the Certification Journey Milestones.  

Image: Search within This PlaceImage: Search within This Place

  • This Certification Blog Board has many informative articles describing how Esri Training and Lifelong Learning support the success of milestones on your Certification Journey. Topics included as labels:
    • Announcements and Events, 
    • Get Started, Explore Exams, Explore Certifications
    • Lifelong Learning, ArcGIS Accounts, My Academy
  • The Certification Questions Board is the authoritative place to ask the experts and collaborate. Your participation when you post an inquiry or a solution, positively supports the personal and professional growth of our certification candidates. Topics included as labels:
    • ArcGIS Account & My Academy
    • Esri Exams & Certifications
    • Vouchers - Registration - Delivery
    • Pearson VUE Account, CertMetrics Account, Credly Account
  • The Program Information Board is our prime location to host supplemental program information created to support our interested candidates, certified individuals, subject matter experts, and program advocates.  Read our article, Esri Program Information in Esri Community, for additional insight into how our program works to align with industry best practices. Topics included as labels:
    • Certification Journey, Find an Exam, Prepare for an Exam, Take an Exam 
    • Certification Accounts, Pearson VUE, CertMetrics, Credly
    • Esri Exam Vouchers, Registration and Delivery
  • The Exam Development Opportunity Board is our user-friendly tool, allowing interested participants to (1) view an Event List or Event Calendar, (2) sign up to participate, and (3) mark your calendar – ensuring participants don’t miss a scheduled blueprint survey, beta registration event, or preparation resource update. Topics included as labels: 
    • Blueprint Survey and Beta Exam Notifications
    • Exam Information Guide Update Notifications
    • Exam Card and Exam Resource Update Notifications


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About the Author
I manage the Esri Technical Certification Program, engaging with Esri-certified subject matter experts to create high-stakes certification exams.