An offline map in Survey123

Blog Post created by KDonia-esristaff Employee on Apr 30, 2020

You might not always have an internet connection when collecting data in the field. Now, not only can you collect data without one in Survey123, but you can also still see the map! How? By taking maps offline with you in Survey123 through ArcGIS Online.


It takes a few steps and a few tools, but with Survey123, Survey123 Connect, and ArcGIS Online you can get out in the field and see the maps as you place your data.


The four apps used to take a map offline with Survey123.


Head over to the story map An offline map in Survey123 for details and videos showing you how. And reach out here or by emailing schools@esri.com with any questions you have along the way.



While Survey123 supports collecting data offline, for a long time we've recommended to K-12 educators that they use a combination of Collector and Survey123 if they need to see their map offline. Not any more! While previously you had to use a separate desktop product (like ArcGIS Pro) to create maps to take offline in Survey123, now you can create them in ArcGIS Online.