Lesson: Connecting Surveys, Maps, Dashboards, and Story Maps

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Mar 13, 2020

Connecting components of modern GIS, including field surveys, dashboards, interactive maps, and multimedia maps, can help foster spatial thinking, critical thinking, and rigorous use of GIS tools and data.  This lesson guides you through the creation of a survey in Survey123, mapping the resulting data in ArcGIS Online, creating and using a Dashboard, and creating a story map.  


This lesson focuses on walkability--the degree to which communities are perceived as walkable by pedestrians, those in wheelchairs, on scooters, on bicycles, and other non-vehicle modes.  However, the same concepts can be used for any theme, from local to global—pedestrian and vehicle counts, water quality, weather observations, housing or business type, zoning, light poles, recycling bins, invasive species, litter, and other features or issues in the natural or built landscape. 


This lesson is organized in 4 parts:  
Part 1:  Creating a field survey using Survey123.                                            

Part 2:  Creating and analyzing a map from your survey data.

Part 3:  Creating a dashboard from your survey data.

Part 4:  Creating a storymap from your field data.


The attached zip file contains the lesson (in PDF and also in DOCX format so it can be easily modified) plus the images that are used in the lesson. 


Would you consider this location "walkable"?  That is the focus of this lesson.

Would you consider this location walkable?  That is the focus of this lesson.  The lesson guides you through the creation of a survey, map, dashboard, and storymap.