• Remove Result Graphic following Search - ArcGIS API for JS v4.16

    I'm using the Search widget to allow users to search for parcel addresses. The Search process is working properly except it places a blue graphic on the map even though I'm specifying that I don't want a graphic. I'm ...
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  • Arcgis JS 4.15 Cluster Popup

    I would like to migrate from 3.x to 4.15. One other feature I am using from 3 is clustering.   One of the feature I like in 3.x is it allow user to click on Cluster marker and navigate between all individua...
    created by apaleja
  • Draw container for multiple features

    I am trying to draw a container for a set of x features. Right now I am using the extent of those features with the union method to generate the container. but i want to fit the resulting extent to the map or find ano...
    created by camer66
  • API 4.16 + FindParameters + returnUnformattedValues

    Hi,   "IdentifyParameters" has property "returnUnformattedValues", but "FindParameters" hasn't... ((( When this property will be added to Find?
  • Scene View add multiple transparent surfaces from ElevationService

    Hi, actually I have a local scene view with a custom elevation service as ground layer. Now I would like to show other ImageServices from DEM MosaicDatasets/Caches as additional 3d surfaces (transparent) in the view....
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  • Dynamic legend - issue when clicking for custom info window

    Hello,   I've an issue with my dynamic legend in 4.15, when I click on the map to get a custom info window, the legend suddenly reloads and the shape of all the items change. (first screen before any click,...
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  • How can i use "UniqueValueRenderer" for GeoJSONLayer

    i used GeoJSONLayer to render *.geojson file and i want to display unique value of type. However i see ESRI document( UniqueValueRenderer ) not support for GeoJSONLayer. How can i reach it? or any solut...
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  • How do you clean up the memory?  Angular 9 / JavaScript

    Good Day   I've noticed a memory issue where, at least in Angular 9, once your destroy the view / map objects, the memory usage is extremely high, ~100 MB / map.    My destroy functions:   nullif...
    created by amurdoch22
  • Legend is updated incorrectly in 4.16

    Hi,   I have a custom layer/legend that uses a separate legend widget for the sublayers in each MapImageLayer. This has worked correctly up through 4.15 but stopped working in 4.16. In 4.16 it initializes correct...
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  • Unable to extend FeatureLayer at 4.16

    At 4.16, extending the FeatureLayer no longer works. We have a feature layer where we set the source property in the constructor to generate some graphics on the client side. For this layer in particular, we extended ...
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  • FeatureLayer TypeError: Cannot read property 'processors' of undefined

    Hi everyone,   I have been using FeatureLayers in my map on my Angular project for some time with no issues at all during development and just yesterday this started popping up & I have no idea why, the laye...
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  • Cached data on click map

    Hi all, Robert Scheitlin, GISP I use ajax in Arcgis Javascript and hitTest to select some data and show it in modal window (these are uploaded images on server side in folders, each feature in map layer is connected t...
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  • Remove the outline style after clicking on map in 4.X

    Hi, How can you turn off the highlight (i.e. outline) that appears around the map any time to click in the map? Thanks in advance...
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  • Attributes not included in HitTestResult

    I'm performing a MapView.hitTest() against a feature layer in a webmap and running across inconsistencies with attributes being returned. I get a reference to the feature layer and set the outFields I want r...
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  • JS 4.14 - MapImageLayer sublayers default popup template

    So, with 4.14 is there no easy, out-of-the-box way to just generate a default popup template for MapImageLayer sublayers?
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  • 4.12 Popup changes: why? (and what now?..)

    I'd like to question your decision to drop the 'content: '*'' for the popup template ... I won't be hiding my anger and disappointment, because I feel like with each release you just want to p..s us off.    ...
  • PrintTemplate - Polylines show with no colour, Points are fine

    Good Day   I integrated a print template to capture the maps in our software.  When I capture polylines they render without colour, but if I capture points, they render just fine, is there something I have ...
    created by amurdoch22
  • How do I resolve one query before another?

    I have a map with a slide out panel that houses a list of elevation certificates, the certificates are grouped into collapsing menus by year issued. My problem is that to build the menu out takes two queries since the...
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  • Custom Widgets for Angular

    Is there an example out there that shows how to create a custom widget for Angular (one which extends the Widget class?) I have been trying to create a custom widget which extends Widget on Angular (6.0) with no succe...
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  • JS API 4.16: Bug scale labels over popup

    Dear JS API Team,   I believe there is a small display bug with the JS API when using the scale widget in addition to popup: the scale label is displayed over the popup.   Codepen: https://codepen.io/...
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