• Mapview Attribute Store errors going to browser console [infinite loop]

    Using 4.14 API, I find immediately after calling buffer, I see about 20 errors per second reading "[esri.views.layers.2d.features.support.AttributeStore] [mapview-attribute-store]: Encountered an error during client i...
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  • Smooth animation using ESRI Js 4.x Object Symbol 3D

    Hi , I am trying to recreate Trip playback of vehicle using trip data. I have achieved to move from one location to another by adding and removing Point Symbol 3D objects. It is taking time for each loop so the objec...
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  • custom symbology for measurement widgets

    Dear all  I want to change the default symbology of area and line tools that comes with measurement widgets in arcgis java script api 4.15.   i want my own custom symbology for both tools area and distance...
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  • JS API: the URLSearchParams interface vs. urlToObject()

    Hi,   I have found a nice way to get, and set, my x and y coordinates and zoom level from, and to, the query string of my url.   With the URLSearchParams interface I can manipulate the search parameters an...
  • Consume Time-Enabled Imagery Possible?

    Good afternoon.   we have many years of imagery and we tried by adding a time enabled imagery service using this example.  Intro to ImageryLayer | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.15    we changed th...
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  • ESRI Proxy Configuration in Django Python

    I have a secure service publsihed on ArcGIS Online and want to consume it through ArcGIS Javascript API. I need to configure a proxy service for my services of arcgis online to make it secure and accessible.   I...
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  • ESRI API function (REST/JAVASCRIPT) to find nearest feature of a coordinate

    Dears I have a an array of coordinates in my JavaScript program. I am processing these coordinates in a loop.   I need to find the nearest feature of each of these coordinate. The feature I am looking for is avai...
  • Calling ESRI REST API from javascript

    Dear   Is there any way to call ESRI REST API from javascript and get the result?.   If possible any documentation/url on this?   Adeeb
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  • ArcGIS Public - Basemap localization

    I have created a Web application using ArcGIS JS API 4.15. where I am using BaseMap Gallery with default Basemaps coming from portal.   I know using dojoConfig, I can do localization of Widgets and Buttons. ...
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  • How to separate the longitude and latitude and store them in different variables??

    Hi All,   I need help with separation the latitude and longitude. I am drawing a polygon and getting the coordinates of each vertex of the polygon. This is what I have done to separate the coordinates but it is ...
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  • Dynamic WMS Layer Properties

    I can add a wms layer to a custom web map, however is it possible to change the WMS layer properties dynamically? For instance I'd like to pass a value from a text textbox to the the wms layer property so the users c...
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  • How to hide a sketch widget on an Esri Map?

    Hi All   I have a map that has a sketch widget. Now I want to hide that sketch widget if a certain variable contains data and only show the map. But if that certain variable is null or empty I want  the map...
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  • Elevation Profile

    Is elevation profile feature available on 4.12 or 4.15 ?
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  • custom symbology of a point coordinate conversion Widget

    Dear All in below image i use the coordinate conversion widget.and check gotolocation box.after putting  input the location come on the map as a small white circle which shows on the image inside the red circle.i...
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  • Zooming to query result extent

    I am trying to zoom to the extent of a query I have.  I am having a problem when I call esri.graphicsUtils.graphicsExtent(resultFeatures) to get the extent.  It is returning NaN.  It works for one query...
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  • custom image on pdf from print task

    the below image i create from print task and it was in pdf format.Actually my manager want there should be our company logo on center above.where i place the red rectangle.it is possible to place company logo here.ple...
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  • How to catch invalid token errors while map is running in browser?

    How can I catch errors while the map is running in a browser?   For example, I have this code:   require([ "esri/WebMap", "esri/views/MapView" ], function(WebMap, MapView) { webmap = new WebMap({ porta...
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  • Access private map in website without login using OAUTH2.0token

    Hi, i have created various maps and feature layers in arcgis online account all maps are public and i am accessing them... But now as my website is live, for security reasons, i want to make those layers and map priv...
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  • Popup template format not working

    I am trying to format the date in the popup on the map in ArcGIS for Javascript using the online documentation Consider the following code:           const fieldInfo...
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  • Is there a way to adjust drawing order in a feature layer?

    I don't think this is available currently withing the api.  I was wondering if it would be possible to force a subset of features in a feature layer to draw on top when rendered in a mapview.  Maybe this cou...
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