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My map will not load and I get this in the console when using Edge. [esri.layers.TileLayer] #load() Failed to load layer (title: 'Aerial', id: '16be45292c8-layer-0') [request:server]: Unable to load status: 0  I was getting this while using ArcGis JS 3x and so I converted the… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for JavaScript
I'm using ArcGIS API for JS v 4.11, and I'd like to remove a group of graphics from a Graphics Layer according to which checkbox is checked. In my code below, I'm giving the user the option to check either basketball, volleyball, or both. The layer on the ArcGIS Server is queried and the appropriate graphics are added to the map. This works fine… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for JavaScript
I have two layers in my file that are scale dependent. How can I force the layerlist widget to only show that layer when the user is zoomed in to the point that the layer is visible and able to be turned on and off? I'm sure I'm missing something simple...   I'm using the Javascript 4.12 API.   Thanks in advance!   Ashley
in ArcGIS API for JavaScript
Click to view contentI'm using React 16.8.6 and npm package, esri-loader, to build a web application which includes an ArcGIS map. I am trying to add a scale bar and popup directly to the map, however, neither is appearing. Widgets that I place in their own div, outside of the actual map, are appearing normally.   My code for the scale bar: const scaleBar = new… (Show more)
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Can anyone  suggest a book on esri arcgis javascript api 4.11##@Robert Scheitlin, GISP  
in ArcGIS API for JavaScript
Hello,   I have an app that uses both distance and area measurement widgets. There is no problem with 4.10 and 4.11 APIs but with the new version, 4.12, I get errors when I click on the widgets. I am not sure if the problem is because of the materialize.css and If you guys have any ideas, I would be appreciated.   The errors are below.  … (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for JavaScript
Click to view contentToday, we are pleased to release versions 4.12 and 3.29 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Here are some of the 4.12 highlights (please refer to the 3.29 link at the end for 3.x updates).   The Stats We added 42 new classes, 11 new widgets, and fixed 34 bugs. Also, 93% of the codebase is now written in TypeScript.     Time Time is a key… (Show more)
in ArcGIS API for JavaScript
Hi    I'm working with a feature class that has over 36000 features hosted on my ArcGIS server + PostgresSQL Database. I have been using the ArcGIS Javascript v3.28 API and it wouldn't draw all the polygon.   I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to approach showing all the features, or some way of the representing them. I… (Show more)
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Since javascript API vV4.* there is a blue outline around the map, when we interact with the view. You can see this on the sample app Just move the map and you'll notice that blue outline around the view. Do you know how to remove or disable that feature ?… (Show more)
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