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The foundation of most geometry.  Lots of tools for working with them, sort of.

This is a collection of tools for working with point data sets, creating point data sets or using points for other purposes.

I have lots of blogs on individual aspects of points.  This is just a link and an update notice for any additions to the point tools toolbox.



A fairly simple list.

The code access...

code sharing site

point tools on my github


Simple to use.  Just unzip the zip file from the code sharing site.  Keep the toolbox and the scripts folder in the same location so that the tbx and the scripts are kept 'relative' to one another.

GitHub if more for the terminally curious that just want to examine the code for their own purposes.


Some blog links as I think of them....

Distance Explorations... Trees are cool 

Concave Hulls ... the elusive container 

Standard Distance, inter-point distance:  ... the "Special Analyst" to the rescue 

Geometry... Stuff to do with points 


Anything you think should be added, fire me off an email.