Geometry... Stuff to do with points

Blog Post created by Dan_Patterson Champion on Feb 28, 2018

Geometry  Perhaps its due is overlooked. 

A pictoral of some of the things you can do with a set of points with a basic license in ArcMap and PRO with a bit of python and a toolbox to house the scripts in.


:---- (1)  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Begin with some points

Random they are, no order.

:---- (2)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Put order to the set

A radial sort was performed so that the mess was ordered by their angle relative to the x-axis.

Lines were drawn to the center of the cloud (just because)


:---- (3)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What do we have now

Since the points are ordered, connect the dots.

:---- (4)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lets look at things conventionally

Everyone loves a convex hull.  It encompasses the points as a group.  There are other containers.


:---- (5)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

But some of the points are far from the center

A quick little negative buffer to only keep the points within 90% of the average distance to the center.


:---- (6)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Convexity.... A different view on the data

Switching the selection in the above, then connecting the dots gives us a convex-ish hull..

Hmmm I wonder if you can change the rules to get a different view?



:---- (7)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Every cool map has texture

Fill in boundary, obliterate the dots and 'forest' fill.  Just because we can



:---- (8)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Connecting each point to its closest


:---- (9)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Connections to 3 closest

Starting to see groupings and spaces.


:---- (10)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Trees are useful (MST)


:---- (11)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Make patterns from a single point (Ulam spiral)

:---- (12)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Archimedes only needed a single point


:---- (13)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


:---- (14)  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------