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05-14-2020 07:18 PM
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Reincarnation as myself since being "retired" from my organization.  Published earlier, but with updates.

Download the zip.  Unzip into a folder.  Load the toolbox.


  • Options to move/translate/shift points to a new location using delta X and Y values
  • Rotate points as a whole about their centroid.
  • Sort points by coordinate options
  • Radial sort (aka, angle about the point centroid)


  • Closest/near analysis
    • between layers
    • within layers
    • with a table
  • Concave and convex hulls. Yes, available without an Advanced license
  • Spanning tree.... connect points by polylines, representing the shortest path to connect them all.  Everyone loves a tree
  • Standard Distance, similar to standard deviational ellipse, except for the circle
  • Triangulation tools.  Voronoi, Delaunay space delineation.  No 3D analyst?  No problem, you can do it now.


  • Circle points.  Because you can.
  • Mesh points.  Nothing like points in a rectilinear pattern
  • Spaced Points.  Got to keep your distance?  Space points so that no point is closer than a certain value.
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