Split polygon based on point feature

Discussion created by mwojciuk on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by cdohertysouthribble
I have a large point feature overlaying a polygon.  I need to split the polygon into 5 parts so that each polygon contains the same number of points (so the area of each new polygon will differ, but the number of points in the polygons will be approx. the same). 

For some background, the points are street/area lights located within boundary polygons (for different offices to maintain).  I need to split up the lights in each polygon into 5 different groups.  Each group would represent a year that the light will be maintained (ie. bulb replaced).  So after 5 years, the maintenance cycle would start all over again w/ the group 1 lights being replaced as they would be 5 years old. 

Is there a geoprocessing tool that can analyze the number of points in a polygon & then split the polygon so that the number of points constrained in each new polygon is equal?