Can not import rasters to file geodatabase.

Discussion created by hisame on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by rtiger54
I have aerial photographs that I need to bring into my file geodatabase. I right clicked on my file geodatabase -> import -> raster datasets gave me an error message. [ATTACH=CONFIG]16400[/ATTACH] I also used the conversion toolbox -> to geodatabase -> raster to geodatabase (multiple). However I got the same error message.

The werid thing is that I can bring these images to my default geodatabase (Default.gdb) and the images show up as raster datasets and they are actually there. I don't understand how I can import to my default geodatabase but I can not do that for the geodatabase that I am working on. (I imported raster images on my default one as a test to see if it works). Please help.

p.s I can provide more information about this issue or more screen shots if needed. Thank you!