RGB Gamut and Color Profiles in ArcGIS

11-13-2013 05:30 AM
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Hi all,

Does anyone know the RGB Color Profile that is used by ArcGIS to render raster images?  My question does not relate to printing applications. I have images that are carefully color-calibrated within a large-gamut color space (ProPhoto).  I'm doing a lot of analysis on these images via Erdas Imagine and Photoshop.  For strictly visual purposes, I also need to render the images in ArcGIS as closely as their original 16-bit ProPhoto RGB counterparts. 

I am seeing significant gamut clipping when I import images into ArcGIS that were exported using the Prophoto, Adobe RGB, and Wide Gamut RGB color spaces.  When I export using the much narrower-gamut sRGB color space, however, the rendered colors in ArcGIS are similar, albeit still slightly darker than the original (and yes, I'm using carefully calibrated monitors, etc).   I'm not applying any stretching or gamma correction. 

I've searched online but I cannot find any information about the color gamut that ArcGIS accomodates.  If anyone has any information than I would be very appreciative,

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