HOW TO GET field value FROM selected features INTO field of a different feature class

Discussion created by agray7501 on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2011 by Hornbydd
Okay, so.. I created this model to:

  1. select by location of one feature class to another.

  2. iterate through the selected features of the second feature class

  3. obtain the value from a field

  4. calculate the field in the selecting feature class with the value from the selected feature class


  1. Iterator goes through each selected row to obtain the value

  2. There are 34000 rows selected

  3. A calculation is being done as each row value is found

  4. The process it taking forever

  5. It would be faster to just do a spatial join in ArcMap

  6. Then calculate the field I want the values in

I am looking for some solution that would be using Modelbuilder.
Any help would be appreciated.