Iterator only does one iteration

Discussion created by stugreene on Jun 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2011 by jennwalter
I have a layer of polylines representing routes, with a field "routeid" for each.  I have 23 routeids in the source layer.  Suppose I want to use an iterator to create a new layer for each routeid.  I set up a model as in the attachment, specified the iterator to group by route id, and put the %value% in the output of the Make Feature Layer tool.

When I run the model, the iterator runs first and assigns Value=1, then I get my feature layer RouteView_rt1 and it looks right.  But that's it - everything stops after that.  If I run it again, I get the same RouteView_rt1 layer created over again. 

What am I doing wrong that keeps the iterator from actually iterating?