creating new layers based upon external Excel table(s) - process question

06-22-2011 09:20 PM
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Just want to see if what I want to accomplish can be done quickly.  I have this master table of possible routes in Excel  that can change daily.  I want to grab all the unique_ID for a route (listed in that table),  export and merge the individual segments into a single line file into a "working routes" gdb that is called by route name.  The model would loop back and grab all "route 2" segments and follow the same process and repeat until there are no more routes identified. The end result is that I would have a gdb with all the routes from the Excel table that I could represent over a series of maps. 

Not to go into details, but try to imagine a city street grid with each block having it's own unique ID.  As we look at routes, it is highly possible that the same unique road section  may be used in multiple routes.  For example all my bus routes go down Main street but from there the buses could drive down any road.  Route 1 goes down Main, Elm, Maple then Spruce while Route 2 goes down Main, Evergreen, Maple then Aspen. I want to show these different lines.

I have not worked a lot on iterations.  Any suggesions on how to set this model up in regards to processing each route seperately with an Excel table?  I believe I need a macro in Excel to seperate the routes into individual tables named after each route name. Any suggestion on what would be the best way to assign the route name (field in Excel table or Excel table name)? Does any see any hiccups in this process because of the Excel table?  Because these routes can change daily I needed to find a way to quickly show these routes on various maps.

Thank you for your assistance.
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