repair geometry - self intersections

Discussion created by dbecker88 on Jun 7, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by pml
Several thousand polygon feat. classes contain geometry problems, almost all self intersections.

I need to repair the self intersections for a variety of reasons:
1. negative area calculations
2. I need to remove all arc segments from all features; to do so with only an ArcView license, I have to run shape_density.cal, (/www.ian-ko.com) on shape field. With geom. issues this does not run correctly.
3. Oracle database that features are being loaded into checks for geom. issues

After a self intersection(s) is identified, the repair geom. tool is ran. However, the resulting features differs significantly from the original feature. I understand the self intersections polys are dissolved...any way to correct this? i.e. repair geometry but not significantly alter the feature?

I attached an image of the original feature and after the geom. had been repaired.