using points to line tool in modelbuilder

Discussion created by akmanchianand on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2013 by HollyGolvach

I have a text file containing coordinates in sequences (shapes.txt) that can be used to construct a line layer. I can do it successfully if i first convert shapes.txt into a point feature class and the use the points to line tool to get a line feature class.

However, if i try to do the same in modelbuilder by using the same processes and i get an update parameters error. This is because I am using "make xy event layer" tool to get a temporary point layer and then feeding it to points-to-line tool. The problem i guess here is i need to select the sort field and line field in the points-to-line tool and at run time this throws the updateparams exception as the xyevent layer is not created yet.

I tried using copyfeatures and wrote the eventlayer to a featureclass but still unable to get it to work.

how can i use the points-to-line tool in a model if i have a text file as input?

I have attached a toolbox containing the model and the input shapes.txt.