Minimal Legend for Multiple Attributes

Discussion created by mthanks on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by pgoedbloedESRI-NL-esridist
I have a map with two attributes (call them category & size) to be represented on the map separately: (1) by Color & (2) by size of the circle.

I am using "multiple attributes" > "Quantity by category" in the "Symbology" tab to represent the data.  Creating this data works fine and the symbols are nicely represented on the map.  BTW, I am using "Add XY Data" to add the data from an excel sheet.

The problem is with the legend.  For each category it creates a size legend.  So if i have 5 different sizes for each category and I have 5 categories, the result comes up to a large legend to more than 25 lines (5*5).  This problem has been raised by several people before and I have note been able to find an answer.  See similar questions:

Any help would be appreciated