Version scenarios: Concurrent editing of the published database

Discussion created by gprocino on Mar 30, 2014
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I have the following version scenario:
Concurrent editing of the published database as you can see ( in a small company.

My version scenario has:
- only DEFAULT version with PUBLIC access (the owner is SDE).
and the users:
- SDE (default user and owner of DEFAULT version)
- Datacreator (he import all feature class)
- Dataeditor1 (he edit the feature class)
- Dataeditor2 (he edit the feature class)
- Dataeditor3 (he edit the feature class)

Now, the company workflow is:
1° datacreator import an feature class for ex. LandUse
2° datacreator register the feature class LandUse without options "Register the selected objects with the option to move edits to base."
3° dataeditor1, dataeditor2, dataeditor3 are connect to DEFAULT version and make editing on LandUse.
4° In this step the editing (make to previus step) are stored within Add and Delete tables.
5° If SDE user compress the db, the edits remain within Add and Delete tables.
6° If Datacreator press on "Unregister as versioned" on LandUse and check the options "Compress all edits in Default version into the base table." the edits are moved to base table.

My question is:
Is the step six the only method for move edits (within Add and Delete tables) to base table? All command on version toolbar are disabled with this type of configuration.

- ArcSDE 10.1&Oracle11gr2&SDO_GEOMETRY&AGD 10.1 full patch

Giuseppe P.